Retail Therapy: Fall Wardrobe Staples Under $30 (ish)

Are you ready for fall?


Recently I picked up a few things to help out my fall wardrobe.

Just a couple things to give it a little “umph.”

Some of the things I purchased came from the Like Twice online consignment store which I reviewed a few weeks ago. I still LOVE it.

Then I perused the Old Navy website for some dresses.

I purchased this baby.

I love the cut and the zipper. I will wear it with a cardigan while it’s warm and then black turtle neck and tights when gets cold.

And I have an addiction to black and white stripes.

Super cute and versatile.

Women’s Striped Ponte-Knit Fit & Flare Dress, $26

Then I picked up this dress too because I can’t help myself when it comes to polka dots.

Women’s Dotted Color-Block Crepe Dress, $29

I purchased some nude fishnet stockings because #1 I like saying “I purchased stockings.”

And #2 they give an outfit a youthful polish without having to wear actual nude colored pantyhose which I have not done since college and don’t ever plan to do again.

They also give your legs a little color even after the effects of a summer tan have worn off.

The nude fishnets are out of stock online but when I purchased them in the store they had lots in stock.

Fishnet Tights, $10

And while I was at JcPenneys, I picked up a pair of jean leggings and I am loving them!

 I have tried every kind out there and these are by far the best.

They give you a skinny jean look without sucking the life out of you.

Super cute and opaque (unlike the ones in this post and this post).

And they really are classy enough that I have worn them to work (I work in a casual office).

Denim Knit Leggings, $20

I also spotted this blouse at Cost Plus World Market a few weeks ago.

GREEN EMBROIDERED KIMBRA DRESS, $36 plus 15% off coupon

And last but not least I picked up this super versatile top from

Elan Women’s Flutter Sleeve Top, $37

To find any or all of these products online just click the photo.

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

Retail Therapy for Friday: You smell nice.

Eau de Toilette collage

I have always been a lover of good smells.

I remember saving my money when I was in school just to buy candles.

I just love being surrounded by lovely smelling things.

And existing in environments with bad smelling things puts me in a grumpy mood.

Shallow I know, I know.

Things I buy because my nose has a bad smell complex:

dried lavender dryer sheets,

specialty laundry detergent,

wall plug-in air fresheners,

 lavender popurri,

and more candles than I would like to admit.

Anyway, I have been on the lookout for a new Eau de Toilette which lead me to reminiscing about all the scents I have worn over the years.


Moonlight Path from Bath and Body Works was my junior high scent. Whenever I smell it I instantly think of awkwardness, backpacks and half lockers because apparently junior highers cannot be trusted with full lockers.


When I got into high school I switched it up and started wearing Ralph Lauren Romance because that’s what cool high school girls wore. Alas I was still not cool.

For that matter, I am still not cool. Quirky but not cool. :)

download (1)

Then in college I went through a long stretch of some sort of depression and switched to Ralph Lauren Blue;)


When I graduated from college I got an internship of sorts with a design company. Part of the perk of that job was that everyone went on a company paid vacation to the South Beach Ritz Carlton every year. Well the Ritz provided Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the Blanc Eau de Cologne to all their guests. After staying in the hotel and showering with Bvlgari shower gel I fell in love with the scent and promptly switched from my blue’s depression scent. (And it’s still a favorite scent of mine.)


Then that design company dissolved, I lost my job, and I went back to a blues perfume called Bvlgari Blv By Bvlgari For Women.


I went through a few years of trying to find myself, or my scent rather.

And then at my lingerie bridal shower back in October my sister-in-law gifted me with Victoria Secret’s Sheer Love body mist. It’s light and sweet and happy. I love it.

It’s all the things I aspire to be.



And happy.:)


What do all these scents say about me?

That like everything else I do I am very ADD:)

Are you a “one scent for life” kinda person or do you like to switch it up?

Retail Therapy for Friday: Do you consign, sell or donate?


I sold a few clothing items on ebay just recently.

I made some money. Not a lot but anything is nice for clothes that want to be worn but that just hang listlessly in my closet.

I started wondering what other people do with clothes or accessories they no longer need/want/like.

I have a love/hate relationship with consignment stores. I like to shop in consignment stores, but the consigning process is always painful.

When I get to heaven I am going to own a pain-free clothing consignment store.

But anyway, sometimes I just donate because I am feeling generous (or lazy).

And other times I use Ebay because I am pretty good at it and usually have good results.

Sometimes I even buy items at thrift stores and then immediately resell them on Ebay. I am a wheeler and dealer like that. Not really but in my dreams.

Do you donate?

Do you consign?

Do you sell on websites like Ebay?

Do you have any tips?

Selling Tips for Ebay

  • 1 Listing: Research the item to find a reasonable used price. Don’t expect to get rich.
    • And be careful as you are listing not to add features that cost extra. Most listings can be completed for free, and Ebay takes 10% of the final selling price.
    • Always make listings for 7 days, ending on a weekend when more people are buying online.
    • And don’t be afraid to re-list an item if it does not sell the first time.
  • 2 Pre-weigh the item so you know how much to charge for shipping. USPS website is a great resource ! Priority mail is usually the cheapest.
  • 3 Use the listing suggestions to find the correct category for your item and make sure to spell the description correctly.

I knew someone who bought a nice car off Ebay for really cheap. The seller explained to this person that he just didn’t understand why no one else bid…well the seller had spelled the name of the car incorrectly so when other bidders searched for the car brand name his listing never came up.

  • 4  Be honest in your listing. If the item you are selling is not perfect let bidders know.
  • 5 Take GOOD pictures of the item. Use online images if the item is still for sale new.
  • 6 In the listing, state what the item sells for “new.”
  • 7 Do not offer international shipping. It’s not worth the hassle. Canada is the only other country I will ship to.
  • 8 State in the shipping instructions that you have a 3 day handling time. And ask bidders to pay within 24 hrs of the end of the auction.
  • 9 Buy your shipping supplies at the dollar store. I know Dollar Tree in my town has all the shipping supplies you could possibly need. The more you spend on shipping supplies the less money you are making.
  • 10 It’s cheaper to send the item in a thick package or envelope than it is to ship a box. If you can stuff that pair of jeans in an over-sized envelope than do it.
  • 11 Once the item is sold, use the online USPS site through Ebay for purchasing shipping labels  The cost of shipping is slightly cheaper when you buy and print online. You can place the package in/beside your mail box, and the post office picks it up for free when they deliver your mail. You do NOT need to wait in line at the post office.

Monday Randomness: Dinner Out, A Gel Manicure and Great Friends


I have been married about 2  1/2 months now.

 A lot of changes have taken place in that short time period.

I am a new wife.

I am a new step mom.

I live in a new home.

My boyfriend who used to be my co-worker is now my husband who is my co-worker which brings it’s own set of challenges.

It’s a lot to take in all at one time.

And with the Lord’s help, the transition has not been too rough, but it is still a challenge.

So when two of my high school friends suggested we get together for dinner Wednesday, I heartily agreed.

And when my little sister and a mutual friend suggested we go get our nails done on Saturday, I heartily agreed.

Because there is nothing like hanging out with old girlfriends to bring back a sense of normalcy.

Side note: My friends are not old. I have just known them a long time.

And we have all mutual friends (and some mutual family).

The friendships that have lasted the test of time are the sweetest in my opinion.

And sometimes just hanging out with the girls is just what the doctor ordered.

PS. If you have never had a gel manicure, I highly recommend it. This is my fourth one, and I love them!

Monday Randomness: My favorite (curvy) skinny pants

I have always wanted to wear skinny pants.

But my very curvy body + 5’2″ stature don’t look so hot in them.

To be perfectly honest, most of the time I can’t even get them on in a dressing room-no matter what size they are.

Anyway, I stumbled across these Betty Slim Ankle cropped pants by Ellen Tracy.

They seemed to be a cross between a thin stretch jean and cotton khaki pants.

I once again put them in my cart just hoping that they just might work.

I had a Touched by an Angel moment in the dressing room when I pulled them on.

They were a skinny/slim cut and they fit!

They come in fun colors, $24.99 at TJMaxx and Marshalls.

Periwinkle, blue, green and coral.

I also found some printed pairs at Macys.

The great thing is that they are not too long.

Perfect length for me, but would be cute on someone taller too.

Common sense note: I initially purchased just one pair, but I got so many compliments on them I went back for two more pairs.

They are thick enough to wear during the winter, but they will look great in the spring and summer too.  Yay.

When I was there this weekend they still had whole racks of them in all the colors at both TJMaxx and Marshalls.

ellen tracy betty slim ankle
Ellen Tracy Betty slim ankle

Happy Monday.

Retail Therapy for Friday: Window Shopping

Well my husband and I started off the new year with food poisoning from a local market.

We are back to work today, but still not quite 100%.

I was hoping to have the latest DIY project up today, but that’s not going to happen.

The positive side to languishing on the bed/sofa for 24 hours is that I had time to do some online window shopping.

And I found some great “new to me” places to shop.

I am in love with this dress! Lexi Dress in Black, $51

Ruffle Thermal, $28

Cross Bangle, $16

Happy window shopping.

I heart Spanx tights

Last night I was laying out my clothes for today.

(Because I am a freak show and can’t pick out clothes in the morning, seriously. True story)

I had decided on boots and tights because I didn’t want to be freezing all day like I was on Thursday.

Of course that’s not all I wore to work. I added a dress to the ensemble, too.

In case you were worried.

Moving on.

I pulled my trusty Assests (by Spanx) tights out of the drawer and thought, “I need to tell people how great these are!”

I purchased several pairs of these tights three years ago and they still look (and feel) great!

And the best part is that they are made by Spanx.

So naturally they suck in my midsection.

And naturally hold it in all day.

And does this naturally without bulges, or sagging or running.

Because naturally I need all those things.

Because naturally I don’t exercise enough.

And because I naturally like food too much.

So next time you are in the market for some good tights, check out Assets.

Naturally, you will be glad you did. :)


The time I was in VOGUE magazine…

I was not in Vogue for my fashion sense.

I have always liked fashion magazines.

I strive to look okay on a daily basis.

Okay does not = Vogue(ish) fashion sense.

Anyway, I randomly received a 3 year subscription to Vogue a few years back.

I would casually read it(who am i kidding? I just looked at the pictures).

But right after the Gov. Sanford scandal here in SC, Vogue interviewed Jenny Sanford about the whole situation.

The article was entitled Notes on a Scandal.

I read it.

And I was so taken back with her response(in a good way) that for the first time ever I “wrote to the editor” via email.

Two weeks later, I received an email from the editor’s assistant asking if I minded if they included my letter in their magazine.

My jaw dropped.

And then I responded that of course I didn’t mind if they used my letter. :)

Sure enough the next month there was my name in bold letters in Vogue Magazine December 2009.

It made my year, literally.

And I know there are lots of different opinions on the Sanford situation.

But you don’t have to agree with me.

It’s a free country, thankfully.