The Tale of Two Nightstands

We are finally settled into our new house with our new baby. And I am finally getting around to re-do our master bedroom. I had not liked the furniture arrangement when we first moved in. Plus the rug, curtains and bedding just didn’t look right in the new room.

We also needed larger nightstands as I am forever knocking things off mine. Anyway in my normal fashion I didn’t want to pay full price for new ones.

So I have been on a hunt for several months. This is the style I was looking for.


I spotted these solid oak nightstands at a local antique shop near my home. I thought they had potential, and I liked the fact that they were solid wood.


So I purchased them. And then promptly cut the legs off.


Yall, at this point I was so tickled that they looked so much better already. But just wait! img_20161019_163937546.jpg

Once I got to this point I painted the furniture with my new favorite paint, Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black to match my bed.

Next I went on a search for an inexpensive leg option. I found several that I liked on Amazon in the $15 each range, but since I needed 8 of them I kept looking.

Amazon came to the rescue with these sofa legs with steel hardware for $5.00 each.

So I grabbed 8 and a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint for the metal foot.



I also ordered cup pulls from Amazon that fit the holes already drilled in the drawers, $2.19 each.


Once they were all painted my husband cut some simple 2×4 supports to hold the new furniture legs.


Viola! Can you even believe the difference?




This is hands down my favorite furniture project I have ever worked on.

I think they will pair so well with my other bedroom furniture, new rug and bedding.

Thanks for reading!

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Highchair Makeover- Part 2

Thanks for all your design opinions on social media for this makeover. I decided to go green with a stained tray, but I used a very brown, almost distressed looking stain and a lighter green than the kelly in the inspiration photo.

Here is the used Graco highchair before:


My sister-in-law Holly recommended I use Fusion Paint. It’s called mineral paint, kinda like chalk paint, but needs minimal prep and no waxing is required.

I really liked working with it, and you can’t beat the price for specialty paint.

The color options are beautiful!


Click here for the Fusion Paint website.  wp-1474060970772.jpg

Disassembled, thanks to my husband.


After one coat.


Sanding, sanding and more sanding. It look quite a while to get that faux cherry finish off of the tray.


For the tray I went with a brown stain with no red in it. It took about four coats to get it good and dark. But I love the finished product. I do plan to seal the tray with a kid-safe food-safe sealer.



The tray finish didn’t turn out perfectly, but I am kinda glad it didn’t because then when Parker bangs on it with a fork and sippy cup I won’t be worried about the finish :)

All done and put back together! img_20160916_171625.jpgimg_20160916_171549.jpgimg_20160916_171355.jpg

Highchair Makeover- Part 1


I scored a used Graco highchair on one of those local yard sale Facebook pages. The highchair is super sturdy and sound, but the finish is rough looking/not my style.

So I need help picking a new finish. What would you do?

Green paint with stained top.

Painted with place setting.

Painted with “dipped” legs.

Navy paint with distressing.

Or a blue stain similar to the TV stand I refinished a few years ago.





final 1

My sleep deprived brain needs some assistance on this makeover!

Living Room Lamp Project

Well we are slowly getting settled into our new home.
I am trying not to spend much on new things we may “need” since we did just buy a house and we are having a baby and all:)
But I did need a couple lamps for the living room b/c there is no ceiling fixture in that room.
Enter these two yard sale lamps from a few years ago.



Add a little spray paint and some simple white shades.



And tada! Huge pop of color for super cheap!


Now I am just on the hunt for two matching end tables!

Master Bathroom Overhaul- Finished!

Click here to read the Part 1 and Part 2 of this project.

I am so glad to finally have our master bathroom done!

I just wish we had done it sooner.

We had two goals on this bathroom.

Stick to a tight budget.

And make it universally appealing to home buyers since we will be putting our house on the market soon. 

We converted the fiberglass shower stall into a tiled walk-in shower with glass doors to give the bathroom a nice upgrade.

I had the installer take the tile all the way to the ceiling which makes the bathroom feel SO much bigger.




Sink photo Toilet Photo vanity photo PicMonkey Collage



Now you may ask how much did this all cost? Well we spread the cost out over about 9 months. Here is the budget breakdown.

  •  free b/c we did it ourselves- Demo
  • $900- Tile and Materials (Lowes and
  • $1800-Tile Labor and Light Fixture Wiring Installation (Nathan Wolfe and ACEP)
  • $180- Plumbing Fixtures (
  • $320- Vanity with Granite Top (found on craigslist)
  • $5- Mercury Glass knobs for Vanity
  • $650- Glass Shower Doors
  • $20- Light Fixture (found on consignment)
  • $30- Paint
  • $50- Trim

Total: $3955

Home Improvement: $3 door hardware update


This project may take the cake as the cheapest ever.

It is very easy and is perfect for rookie DIYers. Just follow the instructions below.



One $3 can of paint covered 12 sets of door knobs.



A couple of tips to make sure this project is successful.

1. Make sure the hardware is clean before you set it up to paint. Do NOT place the hardware on a plastic bag to spray. Use cardboard.
2. Buy Rustoleum paint with primer built-in. I bought flat black. It worked great. Don’t cheap out on the paint.
3. Do 2-4 light coats with a hour of drying time between coats. Do not spray paint in direct sunlight. The sun causes the paint to do weird things.
4. Do not touch the painted hardware for at least 48 hours! It really takes that long for the paint to cure and defume. DON’T RUSH.


I seriously can’t believe I didn’t do this 3 years ago when I moved in. It makes such a big difference in the look of our home.

Next up, painting brass ceiling fans!

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Summer Blogging 2015

When April/May 2015 rolled around I had no idea what the summer had in store for us.

But I had plans for lots of recipes using summer produce that I could not wait to get posted.

I started getting phone calls for more decor consultations while we were on vacation in May, and it snowballed from there.

The extra work has been awesome.

We have been able to complete a bunch of home projects that we weren’t expecting to be able to complete because of the extra $$ in our budget.

And that hopefully means we will sell our house even faster!

But because of all the work and projects I have not been blogging much.

But bear with me. New posts are coming soon.

 I can’t wait to share the biggest project: our finished master bathroom.

And once we purchase another home in the spring (we hope!) there will be lots more projects to come.

A Comedy of (Weekend Plumbing) Errors

Friday night we spent lounging around at home, ordered pizza; I took a trip to Target with my sister.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

C360_2015-07-17-18-17-35-619 (1)

Saturday morning we woke up and both went to work because we had things to catch up on.

In the afternoon I noticed that the washing machine and dryer were both on the fritz again. So I was not able to wash clothes.

My husband gutted the master bathroom in a few hours to prep it for the tile guy coming this week.

C360_2015-07-18-17-56-42-446 (1)

Had a nice dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

After some pillow talk we decided it was time to just buy a new washer and dryer. Even though we really didn’t want to spend the $$$ on it.

And I planned to go to a laundry mat on Sunday afternoon to wash all our clothes.

Then around 7am Sunday morning my husband noticed that something was not right with our plumbing.

And sure enough the pump that sends the sewage out of our house was not running.

Like it was dead. Taking showers, washing hands, running the dishwasher, flushing toilets would all lead to our basement being filled with lots and lots of sewage water.

There is nothing worse than contemplating raw sewage plus $$$$ for repairs. Uck.

So we slightly panicked.

And then regrouped.

And then panicked again.

We knew the pump needed some work, but it had never just quit.

After calling my brother-in-law for advice, we got the number of a plumber to use.

Of course it was a Sunday so no one could get the parts we needed to get it fixed.

I called around to all the hotels near us to see if any allowed pets. Of course a few did. But most of them were a little too close to a “pay by the hour” kind and we just weren’t up for that kind of adventure. 

Finally, my husband said let’s just get an hotel to take showers and wash clothes, and then we can come home and sleep. IMG_20150719_212216

We decided on a extended stay place because at this point we weren’t sure how long the repairs would take.

And let me tell you we basically had to sign our life over at one point just to get a reservation, including signing a form that said we weren’t sexual predators.

So Monday morning we woke up, quickly gathered our things, did a sprint over to the hotel to go to the bathroom and get ready. 

All this to say, we spent more money this weekend in home repairs than we have on anything else ever in our short married life.

Thankfully while making a mad dash to the hotel Monday morning we just stopped and laughed because at that point there was really nothing else to do.

And I am happy (but broke) to say we are the new owners of a Speed Queen washer/dryer set and a sewage pump.

Hopefully our roof does not cave in next weekend, but at this point all bets are off.

Home Improvement: A Built-in Pantry

So this odd little closet is stuck in behind the A/C return on the other side of this wall.

It originally had bi-fold doors in front of it, but the doors were awkward so we got rid of them.


Then a couple years went by, we painted our cabinets and updated a few other things.

And then it became very obvious that it was TIME to do something about this eye sore.

I came up with a game plan of removing the white wire shelving and replacing it with painted shelves.

We also added the same ship lap paneling that I used on the back hall project a few weeks ago.



Project Total:

Stair treads used as shelves: $40

Paneling leftover from the hall project: $0

Paint and caulk leftover from previous projects: $0


It now holds all my baking staples, dish cloths, paper products, towels and trash bags.