1960’s Kitchen/Bath Remodel- DONE!


We are so enjoying our “new” home. While there are still some areas that need work we have come so far! We are so thankful for all the contractors, including my dad, who spent hours on our home and for my parents who let us live with them for 10 weeks.

Peery Homes

Upstate Kitchen and Bath

Campbell Tile

NWH Enterprises (tile installation)

And so many more!


1960’s Kitchen/ Bath Remodel part 6

We are on day 35 of our house renovation project.

I knew most of the light fixtures, tile and decor that I wanted before we started this project, but there were a few things I wanted my husband’s help with so last week he and I finalized our paint colors and picked our new toilets.

Sheetrock and hardwood floors went in this week.



At the last minute we decided to tear out the tiny built-in on the right side of the fireplace.


While it was cute it was not very practical. And once we tore it out we realized there was actually quite a bit of dead space behind it. We plan to do some stained wood shelves with over-sized baskets like the photo above for extra storage.

Bathroom tile, cabinets, and trim will be installed in the next week or so!


1960’s Kitchen/Bath Remodel- part 5 (with videos that actually play)

Seeing as I am the IT person for this blog I’m not surprised that the videos from Wednesday’s post did not work.

Sheetrocking starts this week so I walked through part of the house so you all could see all the work that has been done in the last week and a half.


And because I screwed up yesterday’s post here is a video of my baby laughing. You are welcome.



1960’s Kitchen/Bath remodel part 4

So when we moved into this house we knew that the kitchen and bathrooms would be the first things we remodeled. I was a dummy and forgot to take before photos of the jack and jill bath, but it was finished exactly the same as our other bathroom in the photo below. Lots of white tile, retro flooring and a cast iron tub.


The primary issue with this bathroom was ALL THE DOORS. It is a good sized bath, but all the doors made it feel cramped. By converting the jack and jill bath into the main guest/kid bath we added lots of floor space that was originally taken up by the door swings.

While I would have loved to turn this into a girly powder bath with fun wallpaper it will be the primary bath for my son AND guests. So I tried to keep the girliness to a minimum.

I had hoped to reuse the old cast iron tub, but it was damaged accidentally during demolition so we are replacing it with a new cast iron tub.

We are planning to do a white hex tile on the floor, and an over-sized subway tile on the walls of the shower, all with an antimicrobial grey/beige grout.



Floor tile


Wall tile


Next post is a video walking tour of the whole project in process…

1960’s Kitchen/Bath Remodel- part 3

Let’s recap. Below is our new floor plan: move the back door, open up the entrance to the dining room, add a big island and remove the l-shaped cabinet in the kitchen. myimage3







My selections: Silestone Countertop in Calypso, Walker Zanger Cocoon Tile in Fog, Frigidaire Professional line appliances, Hansgrohe Focus HighArc Kitchen w/PullDown, Cavaliere-Euro 30-inch Wall-mount Modern Range Hood

To view our preliminary cabinet design click here ⇒Beagle Design 7-13. 

I am going with a simple white cabinet. It reflected both my husband and mine style the best. We are replacing the HUGE 8ft sliding glass door that is almost impossible to open and close. We LOVE all the light it provides. The kitchen window is also getting replaced with a big picture window.






So in addition to new cabinets, we are adding open shelving similar to what we had in our other home. We really have missed having it. While the overall look will be different this photo really shows the look I am going for with the shelving.

We had hoped that there were original hardwood floors under the carpet and vinyl flooring in the kitchen and family room but there was not. Thankfully the contractor is going to match the new hardwood flooring to what is in the rest of the house.


Next post…the bathroom renovation.

1960’s Kitchen/Bath Remodel- part 2

I am going to warn you. It’s going to get really ugly before it gets pretty again. Here is the “torn apart living spaces” as we packed and sorted to get ready for all the demolition. This also shows what little updating we had done. We just painted the cabinets and paneling in the kitchen and keeping room. And the reason for painting these rooms was that I knew that I have a tendency to really be affected badly by dark rooms. So that combined with a new baby and postpartum hormones made for a bad combo. The lightness the paint created really helped my mental state.IMG_20170713_192035444

That buffet-like piece of furniture is in the middle of the kitchen to help us envision the size of the island. IMG_20170713_192053839IMG_20170713_192104200

Right now the two rooms feel a little cramped and choppy despite being quite large.

Here is the old floor plan. There were two main structural issues with these rooms. The first being the giant L-shaped cabinets that block most of the natural light and the beautiful bricked fireplace. The other issue is the opening into the dining room is a very narrow door.


So as we lived in the house for the last few months we were able to make notes of what worked and what didn’t with the spaces. Below are the drawings I came up with. While it temporarily eliminates the pantry behind the door, I gain a LOT of usable cabinet space. I also plan to add a large island and open up the spaces between the kitchen and dining room. During phase 2 of our remodeling I plan to add a mudroom/pantry as well as a laundry room.



Next post is cabinet design and selections of tile, appliances, etc…




1960s Kitchen/Bath Remodel- part 1

In case you thought I fell off the face of the earth, I haven’t. I just had a baby that didn’t sleep through the night until he was 10.5 months old. I have lots of wrinkles to prove it. Thus the reason blogging took a back burner was that I had very few brain cells to spare.

But we have a new exciting development in our lives so it was time to get on the interwebs and shout it from our the rooftop. We are currently completing a MAJOR home renovation project.

Here is the house as we purchased it 17 months ago. It was built in 1960 and sits on two acres. And while the house was in great condition most of the interior had never been updated. Since then we have done some painting, and a few touches here and there, but having a baby made most home renovations few and far between.45_1317206_0_1457444840_636x43545_1317206_7_1457444842_636x435



To be continued…

Easy Holiday Treats

I am keeping the holidays pretty low key at our house this year.

Presents, some Christmas Day nachos, and lots of family time.


But I have been making some fun treats for a few get togethers we are attending.

These recipes are low-maintenance yet so delicious.

(click the recipe name for the link to the recipe)

Pomegranate jeweled white cheddar, toasted almond and crispy sage cheeseball

So yummy. The crispy sage and pomegranate arils are a fun twist on this traditional appetizer.


Reeses Pretzel Bites

I have posted about these before but they are so easy and well liked I thought they deserved another mention.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stacks

And these are so fun. Lots of ways to decorate them. I actually used the snowflake shaped Ritz but they didn’t turn out as pretty as I had hoped. Next time I will just use the round shaped Ritz crackers. I think this recipe would also work well with clubhouse crackers.


For lots of other fun fool-proof appetizer recipes go to my appetizer Pinterest board.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Weekly Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning in 10 Minutes

Y’all, some weeks this motherhood gig just kicks me in the butt (bottom, sorry Mom). I am just being frank.

During those weeks I am so thankful I have started simplifying my meal planning and grocery shopping.

Because sometimes the thought of taking yet another 6pm trip to the Chickfila with a 4 month old makes me want to die.

I have made meal planning easier by organizing my recipe Pinterest boards with only things I will actually make for dinner. Because who am I kidding? I am not making pecan goat cheese encrusted salmon for dinner with a baby on my hip. Then I open up the recipes in my browser that I plan to make that week. I quickly scan the ingredients making note of the things I need from the store in order to prepare it.

Then I open up a Walmart grocery pick up tab.

Which means I am shopping at Walmart which I never thought I would say.

Well I am not actually shopping at Walmart. I am taking advantage of their free grocery pick-up. I order all my groceries online, and then schedule a pickup the next day.

On pick up day I pull up to the store, give them a call and an attendant brings everything to my car.


No hauling of a 16.5 lb baby through the store to find what I need.

Seriously, it could not be easier. I have even done it while the baby was napping in the car.


Could anything be better? I think not.

And the bonus is I am not making impulse purchases so I am spending less. Cue that multi-pack of underwear that seems like a good idea at the time. #grannypanties

And lastly, the Walmart website remembers what you ordered last time so it makes  the items you buy weekly even easier to order.

If you want to try it here is a $10 off coupon that you can use with your purchase. Just click the link and start shopping. :)