Monday Randomness: A Deja Vu Weekend and A Project that Won’t Knock Your Socks Off

So I wish I could say that I worked on a fabulous project this weekend , but I didn’t.

I did laundry,

lots and lots of dishes,

did some more closet organizing,

made Italian Drip Beef Sandwiches,

a Triple Chocolate Cake,

and acted like a tile cheerleader (picture a redhead in yoga pants with chocolate cake batter on her t-shirt and a whisk for a pompom) for Joe who was laying bathroom tile.

Oh and we did have Joe’s brother and his wife over for dinner on Saturday. (I made Boursin Cheese pasta and goddess salad, recipes are in the recipe index).

And so this weekend was much like last weekend minus the re-fried beans.

But it did rain. And I love a rainy Saturday, almost as much as I love a rainy Sunday.

And speaking of Sunday, we were actually able to have a real day of rest because we didn’t have anything scheduled other than church.

Thanks for your help last week with the paint color selection for our bathroom; the comments on the blog and all over Facebook were great (with so many different responses:)

Oh and if you missed it last Thursday, my blog was featured on two sites. and

Happy Monday and for those who asked the slow cooker re-fried bean recipe is posting this week!

Our Little Beach Vacation- Part Dos, a tribute to Old Sheldon Church




On our way home from the beach last Wednesday, my brother James, Joe and I stopped at my favorite historically southern landmark.

The church ruins of Old Sheldon in Yemassee, SC.

What I love about this landmark is that the instant you walk onto the property you feel the need to whisper.

There is just something sacred about this church surrounded by huge old oak trees.

And more than once when I have visited the old church tears have come to my eyes as I read the gravestones of  it’s members.

To think of the hardships of the people who lived and worked this beautiful wild coastland.

The church was originally built in 1757 and burned twice, once by the British army and once by Union soldiers.

Both times it was burned the community came together and rebuilt it.

And you see, to me, this landmark is a great example of southern history.

The South has been beaten down throughout our countries history, but has rebuilt with indescribable fervor.

And that great Southern spirit still lives on today.

beach 2013 034

Monday Randomness: At Its Best

Friday at lunch time my husband and I went to the plant nursery to pick up flowers and more mushroom compost.

I mentioned to him how I thought it was weird how bad the mushroom compost smells.

Mushrooms don’t smell bad so why does compost made from mushrooms smell?

He said you know what compost is made out of right?

Then I read the “ingredients” and gagged a little.

Unfortunately, the compost sat in my car of the rest of the day.

It seems every fiber in my car absorbed the smell while the car sat in the parking lot of my work.

The ride home was a little rough.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a meeting with a new decorating client.

She simply needed help with some paint colors, and I was happy to oblige.

After the meeting I stopped to get my oil changed.

I should have warned the guys at Grease Monkey that my car still smelled like a barnyard.

Instead I just let them experience the barnyard essence on their own.

I am sure they thought I must have just hauled a cow and a bunch of chickens.

Or that I lived in my car.

Seriously, it smelled terrible.

Saturday afternoon, we finished up some flower beds.

And then I started on the new TV cabinet.

I got it all sanded, and stained.

Just need a top coat and  possibly a few touch ups.

Looks pretty good if I don’t say so myself.

Then  I came inside and took a bunch of Advil.

Because every time I sat down my body seized up, and I could not move.

I am only 28.

This does not bode well for my future.

I took a look in the mirror after dinner and was pleased that I didn’t have any real sunburn from working outside all afternoon.

Until I turned around.

Apparently the shirt I was wearing was a little short.

I had only had sunburn on my “lower back.”

Which means my “lower back” was exposed for most of the afternoon while I worked on the TV cabinet.

I am thinking I should write all my neighbors sorry notes for having to look at my exposed posterior all afternoon.

Sunday, we went to church, had tacos for lunch and then took a 3 hour nap.

Then one of my stepsons remembered he needed to make a still for school as a science experiment.

Watching all of the Moonshiners episodes definitely came in handy.

And I am glad to know that the Greenville County School system is teaching kids how to properly make stills.

Wouldn’t want minors drinking subpar homemade alcohol.

Happy Monday!


Monday Randomness: Potato Soup, Carnitas Pizza, Downton Abbey and Allergies

This post is brought to you by allergies. (said in my best PBS voice, blame Downton Abbey)

Folks, I cannot tell you the last time I have struggled so much with seasonal allergies.

I am ready to throw in the towel.

Or at least take a couple sick days.

Saturday was not too bad. I made a quick carnitas pizza for lunch and then a make-a-head potato soup for Sunday.

The pizza was declared “awesome” by all(even the picky eater) so I will post the simple recipe this week.

I worked on a tiny house project, made 100 more pecan tassies and then promptly laid down at 6pm Saturday.

I woke up Sunday morning and declared that someone must have stepped on my face during the night because that’s what it felt like.

I laid around for most of the day and watched approximately 8.678 hours of Downton Abbey on Hulu which is funny.

Only because my sister and sister-in-law were giving me a hard time about not watching Downton Abbey.

I kept telling them I didn’t have time, but that the next time I got deathly ill I would catch up on all the episodes.

Nancee Lee and Holly be relived; I am finally caught up with all the goings on in Downton, last night I even dreamed I lived there.

I have great hope that this week will be better.

Or at least bearable.

I told my husband no matter what, I was doing lots of household tasks this week because I feel so behind.

Wish me luck.

Happy Monday!

This Week in a Nut Shell: Pollen

I tried to make it a profitable week.

I really tried.

I tried to finish several recipe posts.

I tried to do all the ironing.

I tried to remember to water my plants.

I tried to exercise at least 3 times.

I tried to actually do my hair everyday this week.

And resolve my car registration problem. See yesterday’s post.

But I am physically exhausted.

What I actually accomplished.

Cleaned half of the kitchen.

Sorta did some laundry.

Cooked dinner one time.

Ordered a new bathing suit for our beach trip in May.

Ordered some new art work for a hallway project I am working on.

Watched a lot of TV.

Worked 4o hours.

Helped write and order a friend’s wedding program.

Continued my pecan tassie making. 300 more to go.

And washed my duvet cover.


I blame the pollen for my exhaustion.

And my nose bleeds.

And my sinus pressure.

And my watery eyes.

Pollen is “of the debil.” Name that movie.

And to celebrate my week of unfinished projects, new bathing suit and wrinkled clothes still hanging in closets, my sister Nancee Lee and I are going window shopping tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!


My Feud with the DMV and Tax Office

My feud is not really a feud.

More like frustration with government offices.

I am a responsible citizen. I pay taxes, abide by laws, and vote.

I just want them to be responsible for their part of the bargain.


So I got married in November 2012.

Three weeks later, I took a day off of work, and I updated all the government offices I could think of with my new last name, address etc.

(The first time the DMV re-issued my licence they forgot to update my name, but eventually they got it right).

The DMV sent me my updated registration.

And then I moved on with my life.

January 2013 rolled around, and I was completely unaware that my car registration had expired.

And then February came.

Feb 15th to be exact.

My husband and I were minding our own business, out to lunch on a Friday afternoon on Woodruff Road in Greenville, SC.

On the way back to our office after lunch, I noticed a highway patrolman behind me.

I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed that his lights were on.

I thought, “Oh good, I hope he gets that shady looking guy in the next lane with no tag.”

And I just kept moving.

Because if you have never experienced Woodruff Road on a Friday afternoon than you really have never practiced defensive driving to the fullest extent.

Suddenly I realized that the cop was right behind me now, still with his lights on so I “pulled over” in the median because there literally was no where else to go.

He asked for my registration and DL.

I confidently gave him both because I had just received the new updated ones.

He looked at me kinda funny and said, “Ma’am, your registration is expired.”

I politely said, “No that can’t be right. The DMV just sent me that registration.”

But sure enough he was right.

Of course at that point I was confused.

And he was confused.

But not so confused that he could not write me a $300 ticket.

The ticket also required me to report to Summary Court in two weeks.

Apparently, the DMV had issued an outdated registration.

And I had never received any sort of tax bill for the new registration.

When I got home, I googled myself and the tax office and eventually found a place where I could pay taxes online since I still had not received a bill (because I DID NOT want to have to take more time off of work to go down to the county tax offices to find my bill).

I printed the tax receipt, took another half day off of work, and appeared for my court date 20 minutes early.

(Seriously, our summary court is one of the shadiest looking places)

The cop let me off without paying the $300 since I had proof I had paid for the registration.

And then I waited three more weeks for the actual registration to arrive from the DMV.

But I never received my registration.

Then after Googling a few more things I learned that even when you pay your registration taxes, you are only paying for the taxes.

You have to pay any late fees at the DMV or they won’t send you the registration.

And you cannot, under any circumstances, pay for them  in the same office.

Because consolidating the amount of people through either of those offices is just preposterous (insert sarcastic tone).

And even if it’s the county’s fault for not sending you a bill, you are responsible for the late fees at the DMV office.

$50 in late fees.

So I jumped on the DMV website to pay the late fees (because I was not going to take more time off work to go to the DMV)….and their credit card processing site was down.

So I waited two days and tried again.

It’s still down.

Anyway, I waited one more day with no luck.

So I decided to mail in a check with an explanation of what had happened.

And I wait.

If my registration ever shows up it will be miraculous.

The Obligatory Valentine’s Day Post

Source: John Rawlings, 30 Years in Vogue

I will be honest.

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.

The crowded-restaurant-manufactured-love-day called Valentine’s Day.

There is something about forcing your loved ones to show you “love” one day of year that somehow does not ring true.

Don’t get me wrong.

I usually celebrate it with my someone special.

I just think that a lot woman have these grandeous ideas of great gestures of love and affection on this day.

And if the grand gesture that is offered to them on this day of love does not meet their expectations they either become mad/irritated/disappointed.

The reason I know this is because I used to have that attitude towards this amorous day.

Well I am here to tell you:

Don’t be that way.

If you have a man that:

loves you when you are cranky,

loves you when you are moody,

puts up with your shopping trips for items you most likely don’t need,

goes to work everyday to help provide for you and your family,

and is kind to you,

then sweetheart, you have a winner 365 days a year.

And if your joy and happiness in your relationship is based on chocolates and flowers one day a year then you may need to rethink your priorities.


And in case you think I am completely “heartless’ (pun intended) we actually celebrated Valentine’s Eve last night with dinner and a movie.

We celebrated it last night mostly because we are weird and the other reason being that we didn’t want to fight crowds at the restaurant of our choice.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

And go hug someone you love today, and tomorrow and the rest of the year.

Things I have learned from blogging for one year….

In the spring of this year, I started blogging knowing nothing about blogging.

I am not big computer person, and definitely not a hi-tech person.

I don’t even own a smart phone.

I literally Googled “blogging websites” to get started.

I decided to use as my hosting site because I liked the name better than the others listed in my search engine results (super scientific method of choosing).

Purchased the domain name, 

And my blog was born.

I have learned a lot, but I have so much more to learn!

Here is my list of random blogging facts:

#1. Unexpectantly, blogging has become like a friend. When I have not blogged in a few days, I start to miss it.

#2. Family members now say to me all the time, “Now that’s a good thing to blog about, put it in a post” in random conversation which always cracks me up (but then again, I crack up all the time).

This actually just happened at Christmas Eve dinner. There was a discussion about my family and Duck Dynasty….and the similarities…My sweet Aunt Julie said, “Now that’s a blog post.” :)

#3. I am still shocked at how many people read my humble blog. The fact that they find me humorous is humorous to me.

#4. I am a terrible photographer.

#5. I need to take a photography class (more like many classes).

#6. I dream about writing blog posts. In my unconscious state they seem like amazing ideas….not so much once I am conscious.

#7. Usually the blog posts that I think are the most uninteresting are the ones that get the most positive feedback.

#8. I never realized how important befriending other bloggers is in making my blog a success.

#9. No matter how much I try, I am just not a crafty person.

#10. I found that I like DIY home projects much better than crafts!

#11. I am so grateful for all my readers!

#12. And I am so looking forward to this year.

Bathroom renovations, new exterior porches and landscaping, and hopefully a bead-board back-splash  in the kitchen to name a few.

Happy New Year!