Customized clothes for women

I have always been oddly proportioned (petite, super short legs and bigger than average chest) and finding clothes that fit is NOT fun. I am also super self-conscious of my bare arms. 3/4 length sleeves are my friend. Unfortunately for me, even when my arms are super “toned” they still just look slightly less flabby. Not actually toned.:)

Of the women in my family, my sister got all the muscle tone genes. I swear she works out with weights once and she gets amazing upper arms. Sometimes I don’t like her very much for that reason:)

Also, pencil skirts, pencil dresses, and skinny jeans just don’t work for me. I look like a short sausage being stuffed into um….something made of fabric. Anyway, it’s not pretty no matter what size I am. In other words A-line dresses, tunics and similar clothing work the best with my body type but can be hard to find.

I discovered this company recently called They sell ready-made dresses, skirts and tops sizes 0-26W that you can customize for free(on your first order), ie type of sleeves, neckline, and length.

My whole life I have been looking for a company like this!

And their prices are SO reasonable! Especially for natural fiber clothing which is what I prefer.

Anyway I can’t wait to order some clothing from this company! Here are a few of my favorites.

Common Sense note: If you have a wedding coming up this would be an awesome company to order bridesmaid dresses from. Where else would you find dresses to fit everyone for under $100?

I would add kimono sleeves to this as well as a wider neckline. And maybe make it tunic length so I could wear it with leggings. Swoon!

Love this with little cap sleeves
I might just have to go sleeveless to wear this chambray dress. So cute!

New customers get $20 off their first order. Let me know what you think!