Baking Utensil Utopia

I love practical kitchen gadgets. My only concern is making sure that what I buy will fit in my kitchen, and that I will actually use them on a regular basis.

Some of my favorites are my All Clad measuring cups. Love how heavy duty they are!

Common sense note: never buy cheap measuring cups with the measurements printed on them. The print will eventually wash off in dish washer. I also don’t recommend plastic measuring cups because I have broken so many (or they melted because they got too close to the stove).

I don’t own these Primary Confection measuring spoons from Anthropologie but they just make me crave cupcakes for some reason.

I just can’t stand how cute they are!! Feel free to buy me these for my un-birthday (I watched Alice in Wonderland this weekend…sorry).

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite kitchen items is my prized antique Pyrex Primary Mixing Bowl set I found at the Picken’s Flea market several summers ago for $55 (actually my sister-in-law Holly spotted them for me. Holly, I am forever grateful).

The bowls are such workhorses and yet look so cheery. I love to think of all the yummy things that have been made in them over the years by other bakers.

What I love about them the most is that they are oven proof too. I make big bowls of pasta and homemade tomato or cream sauce in them a day in advance. Then 30 minutes before dinner I heat up the pasta in the oven and toss. Viola, dinner! Works great with this recipe if you use chicken instead of shrimp. I have also used the big yellow one for pot roast, holding bread dough while it rises, and making cookie dough.

See what I mean about workhorses? Not to be confused with War Horses. Apparently I have been watching too many movies.

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