Non- DIY Diva’s Painting Project

I have played with paint on furniture before but never very seriously. For this project the chest and dresser with mirror meant something to me. And I really wanted to preserve them and continue to enjoy them. I have more waxing to do and the pieces aren’t perfect but who is? Perfection is boring:)

You can't tell from this picture but there was some significant veneer damage on the drawers.
A lot of sanding, wood filler, two coats of paint and a layer of wax.
The post office lost the hardware I ordered. Still waiting on a resolution but at least I have the sample knob I purchased.
Oh look. Another photo of my laundry.
Oh, look. Another photo of my laundry.

I have still have to finish the dresser and mirror but I just loved the way the chest of drawers (or chester drawers which is what I hear all the time:) turned out that I had to post pictures.  Hope you are having a great week.