Wedding Planning- Making Cones

So I enlisted the help of my mom and little sister (who just got married) to help me make cones to hold the lavender, mini pine cones and rose buds that are going to be thrown at us after our wedding. (instead of rice, bubbles, etc)

We made a little party of it at my sister’s place since my mom had not seen it yet.

As we were making our craft paper cones, I decided that some of Nancee Lee’s little apartment needed to be documented.

It’s really cute, and she has done great job in a very short time period.

To see the finished product click here. 

We made the cones from this roll of heavy duty kraft paper I had leftover from a painting project.

Note: the rug from this post.

$50 Goodwill Desk

Recovered kitchen chairs, left over fabric from her wedding table linens.

Flea market find turned TV stand with burlap curtains to cover the receivers.

Little seat and desk by Hazelnuts.

Painting Project Part 3- Delirium and Frozen Yogurt

I did it. Four days, four rooms painted. A few touch-ups tonight, clean up and then I am really done.

While I was still at work Thursday the delirium set in about 3pm, followed by hallucinations that my chihuahua was talking to me, but I pushed through and got it finished anyway. :)

You can read about part 1 and 2 of this project here and here.

Guest Bedroom

 The project started with this inspiration and then followed with a painting frenzy of late nights after work weekend warrior but it was worth it.

Now the fun part begins. New floors, tile and decorating.

The living room, master bedroom, downstairs bedroom and family room, kitchen still need to be painted but some of them have vaulted ceilings which I am not ready to tackle with my 5’2″ stature.

Sunroom and Guest Bath
This HUGE desk is going bye bye.
Boy Room #1, Don’t worry. That floral chest is not staying in here:)
Guest Bath

 Reward for all my hard work.

Speedwall 1-Gal. Antique White Eggshell Interior Latex Paint , $13.98

I am usually a Sherwin Williams girl but did not want to spend a lot on paint so I went with Glidden’s commerical product, Speedwall EggShell from Home Depot.

I just hoped and prayed it worked.

Verdict: I loved it! Love the finish! Love the coverage! Half the price of a normal can of paint and much better than some of the $30 a gallon products I have tried. Thanks, Home Depot and Glidden!

Painting Project Part 2- A woman’s prerogative and color inspiration

You can read about my original plan and why I want to get the whole project done this week here.

I got a good start on the painting on Monday night but of course, I changed my mind six times as to my work plan and colors.

The funny thing was Joe wanted nothing to do with picking the colors.

He said, “If I don’t like them, I will just learn to live with them.”

But let me tell you how sweet he was….He went with me to get all the paint on Saturday before he left on his trip. Bought a special ladder that he didn’t think I would fall off off and an ergonomic paint brush for my small chubby hands because he said he didn’t want my hands to get tired.

 After we got back from buying the paint I noticed that I had subconsciously picked the colors from one of my favorite rugs.

Funny how things work out.

I took this picture, turned on the ceiling fan and then went to bed.

Here is the first room complete (and still drying in this picture). Cut-in and rolled twice. 4 1/2 hours after work on Monday night. Done. Yay!

This guest room will loosely be based on this inspiration board I started a few months ago.

On to the next room!