The pizza that changed my life

I have made several pizzas at home over the years. Never had a specialty pizza recipe that really wowed me. I can make a great margherita pizza or spinach mushroom, but nothing to write home about.

But I was browsing through the Tasty Kitchen website a couple months ago and saw this pizza. Thai chicken pizza. I felt as if the heavens had opened, and I had a little “Touch by an Angel” moment. Do you remember that show? So weird. CBS on Sunday at 8:00pm during the late 90’s. Don’t ask me why I remember all that. My brain is weird.

Anyway this is pizza from heaven. I believe that manna must have had Thai sweet chili sauce smathered on it because it tastes that good. Please make this pizza. It’s amazing. If I ever get engaged it will be because of this pizza. Joe can’t seem to get enough of it. He may or may not have eaten an entire pizza by himself last time I made it. Enjoy!

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Side note: Wanna make your chili sauce from scratch? Here is a super simple recipe from