Love Language and Transparency

From the same office that we both work in, this sweet man goes out to buy breakfast every morning.

He has done this for all five years I have worked with him.

And every morning he returns with two bottles of water.

One for him and one for me.

He checks the caps on the bottles to see which is cleaner.

Opens the cleaner one for me and then goes about his business for the day.

Sometimes the humblest of actions speak the loudest.

The reason I blogged about water at work today is because last night I had a huge pity party about how this flooring project is not going to get done in time

(in my time frame anyway). Because life is all about me, right?

Mostly the pity party involved visions of me living out boxes and furniture chaos for the first few months of marriage because the house could not be put back together until the hardwood was finished. Hardwood that could have been laid months ago.

And I was so rebuked this morning when this sweet man, placed a clean water bottle on my desk and said, ” I know you are stressed about the floors, but I promised you three years ago that it would be done before we get married; and it will get done.”