Wedding Planning- The Shoe Saga

I am a shoe person.

At one point I was considering paying more for my wedding shoes than I paid for my wedding dress.

I would rather have shoes than clothes.

Although then I have to deal with the fact that I can’t go around naked.

Let me restate that.

I love to buy shoes more than I love to buy clothes.

That’s better.

Anyway I had four stipulations for wedding shoes.

  • Sling-back
  • Wedge heel
  • Not white.
  • Under $200.

I looked everywhere! And I mean everywhere.

I finally settled on Michael Kors Vivian Slingback Heels in Nude from for $195.

$195, Michael Kors Vivian Heels

And then I embellished them with these pearl bow clips from store, Gracefully Girly.

$28, Gracefully Girly bow clips

I was so pleased with how they turned out.

Stream-lined and classy.

Then I had buyer’s remorse that I had spent over $200 on shoes once I added in the $28 bows.

So for the last three weeks I have been in search for a look-alike shoes or at least a decent coupon code for the shoes I had already purchased but to no avail.

I had decided to give up.

I only had four more days before I could return them for a refund anyway.

Drumroll, please…

Last night I ran into Belks to make a quick return. Literally, ran. It was raining cats and dogs. (that is such a strange saying)

I rushed through the shoe department as my usual practice, just to glance at the clearance shoes.

And there they were.

My wedding shoes.

The same ones I had ordered from for $195.

Size 6 1/2

Color: Nude


And that, people, is why I love to shop.

The end.