Home Improvement: Our “New” Consignment Store TV Cabinet

We have been looking for something different for our TV for a while.

Our current TV stand is an huge old trunk I picked up at Salvation Army ten years ago.

I had certain things I was looking for in a “new” to us TV stand: no MDF, drawers or cabinet to hide cable box etc, 36″ wide or less.

I stumbled across this cabinet a few weeks ago at Feather Your Nest consignments but didn’t purchase it because I really wanted Joe to see it first.

So Friday we were on that side of town (on our way to set up a wedding reception no less).

He saw it. He liked it. We bought it. $129

I can’t wait to get started.

We discussed our refinishing plan in the car on the way to the wedding.

Joe: “Why don’t we sand it and then stain it navy blue.”

Me: “Ooo I like that idea. Oh and I could paint the top white and then poly the whole thing.”

I love a good plan.

So we are going to use a navy blue stain.

Weird I know but I think its going to look awesome.

And then we are going to paint the top an off-white.

Kinda chic cheap modernized TV stand.

The project will be similar to this old blog post by Young House Love.


Selections so far:

Paint for the top of the cabinet:


Stain for the base of the cabinet


I was going to reuse the hardware on the cabinet to save a little money, but one knob is so damaged that I have decided to just replace them both.

I wanted a knob with natural elements that tied in the neutral colors I have going on in the room but that also added a little pizzaz.

So I ordered these knobs from Anthropologie.

Antler Melody Knob, Tusk $14.00


tv 14

tv 13

tv 8

Overall color theme for the cabinet: Clean lines, navy, white and natural horn.

Does it get any more classic than that?


Update: To see the finished product click here.

Fun Furniture Find at Lucketts

I was visiting my sister about a month ago in West Virginia, and while I was there I discovered that she lived pretty close to Luckett’s Store in VA. To say I was excited is an understatement:)

Anyway, we made the 45 minute trek to go check out the store which was even better than I imagined. We both found some great things. I picked up some gorgeous antique embroidered napkins and some antique kitchen wares but my favorite find was this little music stand. It was olive-green and really chippy (but not the good kind of chippy:) but I could see potential!

I finally got around to priming and painting it yesterday, and I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! The color is called pistachio green. Eventually it will be a nightstand in a guest bedroom but until then I am going to admire it between my great grandparents’ slipcovered chairs in my living room.

I love the little harp details on the side.
And I already had the basket leftover from another project.

Non- DIY Diva’s Painting Project

I have played with paint on furniture before but never very seriously. For this project the chest and dresser with mirror meant something to me. And I really wanted to preserve them and continue to enjoy them. I have more waxing to do and the pieces aren’t perfect but who is? Perfection is boring:)

You can't tell from this picture but there was some significant veneer damage on the drawers.
A lot of sanding, wood filler, two coats of paint and a layer of wax.
The post office lost the hardware I ordered. Still waiting on a resolution but at least I have the sample knob I purchased.
Oh look. Another photo of my laundry.
Oh, look. Another photo of my laundry.

I have still have to finish the dresser and mirror but I just loved the way the chest of drawers (or chester drawers which is what I hear all the time:) turned out that I had to post pictures.  Hope you are having a great week.