Home Improvement: Our “New” Consignment Store TV Cabinet

We have been looking for something different for our TV for a while.

Our current TV stand is an huge old trunk I picked up at Salvation Army ten years ago.

I had certain things I was looking for in a “new” to us TV stand: no MDF, drawers or cabinet to hide cable box etc, 36″ wide or less.

I stumbled across this cabinet a few weeks ago at Feather Your Nest consignments but didn’t purchase it because I really wanted Joe to see it first.

So Friday we were on that side of town (on our way to set up a wedding reception no less).

He saw it. He liked it. We bought it. $129

I can’t wait to get started.

We discussed our refinishing plan in the car on the way to the wedding.

Joe: “Why don’t we sand it and then stain it navy blue.”

Me: “Ooo I like that idea. Oh and I could paint the top white and then poly the whole thing.”

I love a good plan.

So we are going to use a navy blue stain.

Weird I know but I think its going to look awesome.

And then we are going to paint the top an off-white.

Kinda chic cheap modernized TV stand.

The project will be similar to this old blog post by Young House Love.


Selections so far:

Paint for the top of the cabinet:


Stain for the base of the cabinet


I was going to reuse the hardware on the cabinet to save a little money, but one knob is so damaged that I have decided to just replace them both.

I wanted a knob with natural elements that tied in the neutral colors I have going on in the room but that also added a little pizzaz.

So I ordered these knobs from Anthropologie.

Antler Melody Knob, Tusk $14.00


tv 14

tv 13

tv 8

Overall color theme for the cabinet: Clean lines, navy, white and natural horn.

Does it get any more classic than that?


Update: To see the finished product click here.

Fun Thrift Store Find Over the Weekend

Not only am I getting married in 2 1/2 months but I am also in the process of decorating my fiance’s house. Well in the very early stages of decorating his house. He still has his end of the bargain to keep. Floors.

But anyway I am on the lookout for anything and everything I could possibly need to furnish and decorate his house, including light fixtures.

I have had my eye on a few celing mount fixtures from Rejuvenation, but with everything else we are paying for right now I just have not bit the bullet and purchased them.

So Friday evening on my way to my wedding dress fitting, I ran into Goodwill just to take a peek.

And there were three of these beauties. Semi-flush mount pendants with personality.

A little spray paint and some elbow grease, and they will be perfect. $5 each. Yay for cheap lighting.

I also bought the lamp ($3) because I thought it was cool. Need to find a natural fiber woven shade for it I think.

Happy Monday!

Update: to see completed projects with both of these pieces go here and here.