Our Honeymoon

Well we made it.

Our wedding day was perfect in every way.

But once we were hitched, we were ready to relax.

We (by we I mean me) had decided on a little cabin northwest of Asheville, NC.

Low key.


I didn’t have to get on a plane.

Relatively inexpensive.

And close to home.

It was all I had hoped for.

We had a blast basically doing nothing for five whole days.

 Watched movies, took naps, ate at nice restaurants in Asheville, shopped some and just enjoyed each other’s’ company.




from The Farm- A gathering place website
From The Farm- A gathering place website

Check out all their accommodations here, The Farm- Asheville, NC.

On our way home we stopped by my husband’s favorite fishing place in NC and snapped this picture.

We tried out the timer on my camera.
North Mills, NC

My sister’s wedding weekend.

I am tired from my sister’s wedding on Saturday.

So I am only going to post pictures today.

Recipes tomorrow.

Now I need to go take a nap.

Pampering party the day before the wedding.
The bridal party all went to get their nails done including Grandma

Set up time!

Somehow I got the task of trimming straws.
Reception food set up.
Seat for the bride and groom to watch the fireworks after the reception.

Time to get ready.

Bridesmaids getting their hair done.
Putting on the dress.
So radiant.
Receiving our lovely wedding flowers. My friend and wedding stylist Mary did a great job!

Wedding picture time!

Reception. 180 Guests.

All Done!