Busyness – weddings, a decorating install, tractor high dive, and a honey harvest musings

Friday evening- My wedding dress proto type fitting is complete. I love it! Can’t wait to see the real thing done.

Late Friday night- preparing and packing for a decorating installation

Late Friday night- make dessert for Sunday lunch, it involved these cookies

Saturday morning- a  small decorating installation (pictures to come)

Saturday afternoon- last-minute shopping for my sister’s wedding next Saturday

Saturday evening- bridesmaid’s dinner for my sister’s wedding next Saturday

Sunday morning-church

Sunday lunch- dinner with the family

Sunday evening- much-needed rest

  When I start to complain about how busy life is right now, I have just started reminding myself that there will be a time when life will slow down again, and I will wish for some excitement. And there was a time when we thought we might not get to enjoy all the wedding festivities together. The busyness starts to seem like a blessing. A sign of life.

And in the years since my dad was diagnosed with cancer and the economy tanked, there seems to be more of an attitude in my family to really enjoy the simple things, like a Sunday lunch after church with lots of laughter.

Simple things on a Sunday afternoon like:

My brother James and soon to be brother-in-law decided they would do a little swimming in the pond.

Tractor High Dive

And because my mom had nothing else going on (insert sarcastic tone), my dad decided that honey needed to be harvested too. My mom said my dad’s mid-life crisis involves bees. We have lots of family jokes involving my dad and his bees. This was Sunday afternoon’s harvest.

This stuff on biscuits=seriously amazing.

Happy Monday!